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This is a blog strictly dedicated to EunHae drabbles and short stories. Request a drabble/story by simply dropping a pairing (EunHae or Haehyuk only) with a specific (or vague!) theme/kink/random noun in our inbox and it shall be written. Enjoy! ✿


Word Count: 1,000

Summery: You are the smell before the rain, you are the blood in my veins. 

Warning: Angst | Romance 

AFF version

A/N: (i really recommend you read it on AFF.)

I cant forget you when you’re gone.

You’re like a song that goes around in my head.

He takes his coffee black with one spoonful of sugar every day.

His smile is soft and sullen, broken and dry. Every morning he rises with the same sleepy expression, smoothing out his bed sheets with red eyes before stumbling into his clean, pristine bathroom. He doesn’t sleep well anymore. Nor has he in a few years now. Even though he’s tired nearly every waking moment; he finds peace in the fact the day will be over in hour’s time and he’ll be back in his soft bed.

He always catches the bus on time.

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Word Count: 654

Genre: Romance | Comedy | Fluff

Prompt: Potions

Admin Vincent: herro

AFF Version

“Look, I just don’t think you understand what’s exactly going on,” Hyukjae says while pushing up his spectacles. “I really need to get to class before Mr. Chung beats my ass into the ground. If I’m late to potions class one more time, I’m gonna fail for the fall semester.”

“He cant do that.” A scoff sounds into the air. “That’s completely unreasonable.”

“That’s what I’m trying to say! But he actually said he would fail me if I didn’t get to class on time from then on. Now if you would please let me past you so I can get to class…”

“Not without the hall pass I asked for.”

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Heavy Touches

Word Count: 1,440
Summery: Donghae is mute. Hyukjae is blind. But that’s ok.
Genre: Romance | Fluff
Admin Vincent: Hi hello 

AFF version

The very first time i saw him was when I was still in college, working hard in a public cafeteria where the food didn’t taste too good but was hot when served and cheap with every serving. He walked in a mess i recall; hair dyed red, somewhat thick scruff on his face and his clothes were mismatched. The stranger stumbled a lot, one hand constantly ran through his thick locks of bright crimson, and face knotted into various expressions of frustration.

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eunhae:harmony without music

hi it’s myechi and i’m back after one trillion years. easing back into writing (pg 13?) things very s l o w l y. i hope you like it. sorry that school basically ATE US ALL except vincent.

Hyukjae and Donghae never fuck to music.

         They make their own rhythm, unhindered by the trappings of time signatures.  Hyukjae can’t be bothered to wait for the soft blush of a fade in to make his move.  The space between them is too tight for misplaced lyrics to even flit through, as dreamy verses about her eyes and soft smile just might be the thing to disturb the atmosphere that hangs hot and thick between them.
       They leave the infinite possibilities of song outside of the bedroom.  There’s no need for a driving beat to coax their movements into reckless haste. Hyukjae lets his aggression curl tight around Donghae in the form of a warm hand below his ribcage, and his spare fingers let free the musical whimper that lies dormant in Donghae until his hair is tugged.  It echoes in the absence of sound flowing digital, flexing in upon itself and bouncing off the walls.  The vein in his neck pulses as his throat is exposed, to a beat that Hyukjae’s lips match with an unconscious ease.  In the quiet, punctuated by their voices and theirs alone, one can almost hear the hiss of steam as the windows mist up, liquid opacity kissing at the trickles of rain through the glass.  If they’re listening.  
         And when there’s no song to push them towards climax or denouement, there’s isn’t a moment that they aren’t in control.  If Hyukjae suddenly wants to relinquish that power into Donghae’s waiting hands, he lets him roll them over, and Donghae will tease him into a slow frenzy until his hips are dancing against the mattress. He doesn’t have to compete to be heard over background noise: his rasping, shameless words are the only ones that work their way into Hyukjae’s strung-out brain.                                                                                                        

         Hyukjae likes to hear him breath deep and warm against the shell of his ear as he pushes in, the sound of wetness just muffled by the pop of a kiss against his skin.  Blood rushes below the surface — then there are the words that never fail to set his heart pounding like a metronome, falling soft and easy from restless lips. And between the two of them, what they find is some kind of harmony.  

Persone Divise

Word Count: 4,707

Genre: Romance

Summery: He’s two in one.

Admin Vincent: oh my lordy lord

AFF Version

Never once did Donghae think he had a really hard life.

Maybe a hard one. But not a really hard one at the same time. He had one good friend he met in college, a job at his family’s business (in which he never took the paycheck for, for the sake of his family of course) and he studied and worked hard. Life was normal for him. Eighteen and all. He couldn’t drive yet, nor did he really want to. Sometimes he just wanted to stay a kid. And that was okay with him.

Donghae was a nerd.

He played minecraft often, plus other stuff. Not too much. Maybe some Xbox, some ps3, surfed some tumblr, slept, ate, jerked off; the norm when it came to an eighteen year old guy. Since high school life was over for him long ago, he abandoned that now past life with glee and kept barely a handful of friends. Maybe one. Or two. And well, a couple internet friends of course. He liked talking among his friends on Skype; he made friends on tumblr through anime role playing and well, more anime and more nerdy stuff that he considered— well, once again, for lack of better wording; nerdy. All those people couldn’t exactly see him for how dorky and stupid he always thought he was. His confidence was lacking in that department. But that was okay for him.

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Word Count: 1000

Genre: Action

Warning: Blood

Prompt: Natural Disaster (Tornado or Cyclone)

A/N: dude guys I don’t even know what this is. I started writing on my tablet again and I just?? omg writer’s block sucks and I got so many requests I’m sorry for being so slow on them :( so here I am practicing writing again sighs

AFF Version

For the first time in years he’s deeply regretting the fact he decided to take up a job in the states. Of course disaster could happen anywhere and at any time, but never once did he actually think he could be caught up in hell in a matter of seconds. The wind actually pounded against the walls as a storm brews in the distance. Hyukjae frantically glances back at his lover who looked out the same window with large, terrified eyes.

The sky was growing dark in seconds and he wished he were safe in Korea with his beloved that he didn’t even know how to protect at the moment. The news station had already stated this was the third one coming around, lasting for seven seconds or more, maybe even less if they were lucky. If. Their backyard was already torn apart the night before, and the storms didn’t seem to let up for anything.

"Go back into the safe room, Hae. Take Ari with you."

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Together Forever

Word Count: 480

Warning: Killing

Genre: Action??

Prompt: Disposing of a body

A/N:  I love u all smooch smooch

AFF Version

"L-Look, i didn’t know he was gonna just die so fast, o-ok? Fuck, I didn’t even know e was gonna die! I just hit him once!" Donghae shudders through his tears and looks at Hyukjae with hopeful eyes. He clutches his light gray suit and shakes in his black talian shoes. "Please say something! I only did this so we could be together. Please Hyukjae, please.”

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Word Count: 1,600

Genre: Romance | Angst

Requested Prompt: A lie breaks a 5 year bond in a matter of seconds. (Happy ending)

Admin Vincent: Trying to make this blog more active since the other admins are so busy with their own lives… Midnight babblings. Just a mess from me ahahaha. Sorry D:

Asianfanfics Version

“You know I seriously thought you were different,” Hyukjae snorts out to himself while grabbing his suitcase from under the double bed and throwing it onto the bed. He turns immediately to grab all his belongings tucked and folded away neatly into the drawers. “I never expected this from you Donghae, trust me, I really didn’t. I didn’t fucking expect it from you of all people.”

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Admin Vincent: A drabble i wrote on my phone based off a dream.

Asianfanfics Version

Word count: 628 (not proof read as usual lol)

Rating: G

Genre: Fluffly fluff fluffffff

Summery: Donghae wakes up in the middle of the night to see Hyukjae staring right back at him.

The first thing that really registers in his mind when he opens his eyes is that he’s incredibly warm. Donghae shifts under the covers, legs tangling and bumping into slender, paler legs he knew all too well and makes a series of noises that showed his complete displeasure in being woken up in the middle of the night by nothing in particular. A kiss is placed on his cheek and he cracks opens his eyes this time to see Hyukjae staring right back at him. He smiles back weakly.

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English accent

Admin Vincent: I havent done a one shot in a while but im doing a BUNCH of chapter stories on my AFF. I thought it was about time to award you guys with smut for your patience since nobody has really updated here…

Asianfanfics Version

Word count: 2,000 (not proof read as usual lol)

Rating: PG 17 | R

Genre and warning: Smut | Finger fucking | Obedience | English dirty talk (donghae lol) 

Summery: Hyukjae finds out he has an enormous kink for Donghae speaking English during sex.

There’s a low hum vibrating in the air that’s got his mind blank and fogged with nothing but pure pleasure as the sounds of wet slurping comes creeping into his ears. A soft groan leaves his lips as he looks down, tilting his head slightly from where he was resting against on the headboard of the bed to make eye contact with Donghae— who also currently had a mouthful of his cock and was trying not to bob his head so he could give him a rather smoldering gaze. Another heavy breath escapes his plump mouth and Donghae finally lets go of the swollen dick, opting to rest on his elbows while one hand has a firm grip on the base of Hyukjae’s cock, pumping slowly but surely.

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